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Under Water Repairs

This is a new specialist service that we are now able to offer.

Do you have the odd missing tile or tile´s that have come away from the bottom of your pool ??

If so then we have the answere to your problem. We use a special underwater adhesive which is GUARANTEED to hold that missing tile in place.

Any underwater work is carried out by a qualified diver who knows how to work under water.

We dont simply stick the missing tile back, its not that simple. Firstly we remove the old adhesive that was holding the tile in place so as we can ensure a good solid base for the new tile to be stuck back to. Once the tile is stuck back the adhesive sets to the normal colour of the grouting in the pool so as there wil not be any area that "stands out" from the rest of the pool thus returning your pool back to its original condition.


We have tried and tested many different types of adhesive on the bottom of swimming pools and as a result we only use a product that is guaranteed to do the job in hand unlike some other products which only last for a few weeks